Spotlight on…Topic 1: Landscapes, biodiversity and heritage

Protecting valuable landscapes, biodiversity and cultural heritage

The first of the ‘Sustainable Tourism Training’ modules focuses on the close connection between tourism and natural heritage. It’s hard to imagine how tourism could be successful without the support of an attractive natural landscape. At the same time, tourism can contribute to the conservation of a site – by educating visitors and raising awareness of its special natural characteristics.

But what about the effect of unchecked or unmanaged visitation on those special natural characteristics? And if valuable landscapes were to deteriorate, what would happen to the quality of tourism experience they support? If not properly and sustainably managed, tourism can potentially initiate a downward spiral affecting both tourism and landscape.

The delicate relationship between tourism and landscape requires appropriate management approaches to balance it, sustainably. So it’s in the interest of all Protected Areas (Pas) stakeholders to maintain this dynamic balance, implementing effective measures to manage and influence tourism activity towards a low-impact/high-quality profile.

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