Spotlight on…Topic 2: Supporting conservation through tourism

Exploring conservation fundraising and cooperation opportunities in Protected Area tourism

The second module on the Sustainable Tourism Training platform adopts a broad-minded approach to supporting conservation and heritage through tourism. Sustainable tourism offers opportunities to raise funds for nature conservation. But to realise the full potential of these opportunities, visitors and local businesses must be encouraged to get actively involved. Which strategies and tools can be used to achieve this? And what about going beyond fundraising to promote involvement in volunteering or visitor payback? Co-operation opportunities with businesses, such as contracting and concessions, can also play an important role in supporting conservation.

Protected Areas (PAs) can attract visitors for a variety of reasons, some of which are connected to their natural or cultural heritage. But visitation can also happen in a more passive way. Some tourists or visitors are simply “using” the area. They may enjoy landscape or they may just see it as a suitable place to carry out a leisure activity like hiking or cycling, without having any active involvement with the conservation efforts taking place in the area. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There is no reason why any visitor to a PA could not be exposed to a wide range of direct or indirect opportunities to contribute to its conservation. Let’s explore some of these opportunities.

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