Spotlight on…Topic 4: Safe access, quality facilities, special experiences

Providing safe access, quality facilities and special experiences to all visitors

How do you turn a visit to a protected area into a high-quality experience? Visitors looking for a unique experience want high quality facilities and distinctive activities. And it goes without saying that accessibility and safety are paramount.

The fourth module of the Sustainable Tourism Training explores the tourist experience in protected areas. We ask what kind of tourism is best suited for protected areas (PAs)? And how can we reduce barriers for specific demographic groups that are currently under-represented as users and visitors of PA’s? Can we also solve access problems and issues of poor services and limited experiences for visitors with special needs?

This module helps to answer these questions, discussing important aspects of a high-quality experience, such as product-market combinations, accessibility, visitor infrastructure, safety and risk management, and quality systems for facilities and services.

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