Spotlight on…Topic 9: Communicating Actions

Communicating actions and engaging with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

The natural environment is a major tourism attraction. But the impact of visitors is a potential threat to protected areas (PAs). Therefore, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas was set up in 1995 by EUROPARC Federation, the umbrella organisation for PAs in Europe.

The Charter is a practical management tool enabling PAs to develop tourism in a sustainable manner. It requires long-term commitment and collaboration with local communities. In the Charter, five principles for sustainable tourism are defined, as well as a set of guidelines and methodologies.

This final training module focuses on ways to engage with the Charter and with the Network of Europarc Sustainable Destinations, highlighting how:

  • businesses can communicate their commitment to clients
  • stakeholders can utilise international networks
  • professionals can take up opportunities for peer learning

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