The French Federation of Regional Nature Parks – Associated Partner

Forming the link between the Regional Nature Parks and the country’s regions, national administrations, parliamentary assemblies, as well as the EU, the Federation’s reach and influence is significant. Education and information amongst a wide range of audiences are central elements of the French PNRs’ mission, combined with long-standing experience in international cooperation and exchange in Europe and beyond, sharing the French PNR model and experience, best practices and research. The FPNRF supports the development of protected areas in other countries, strengthening and building capacities in thematic fields such as sustainable tourism.

The FPNRF is the umbrella organisation for 52 Regional Nature Parks across France, representing some 2000 staff in total. As such, the Federation represents the largest collaborative body of French protected areas implementing the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, representing 25 of the 30 French Charter protected areas (the others being National Parks). FPNRF is a member of EUROPARC and has been developing the Charter methodology for almost 20 years in partnership with the EUROPARC. (The Charter was in fact initially set up through a project funded by the EU’s LIFE programme and led by FPNRF on behalf of EUROPARC).