Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), School of Forestry – Associated Partner

For over 30 years, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and its School of Forestry, has developed and delivered applied courses. UPM delivers some of the market’s lead e-learning courses and supports effective implementation. UPM solutions build on international standards. UPM is expert in organising concepts where the course is assisted where needed: from structuring learning processes to training in the use of IT tools. UPM and its School of Forestry has expertise in:

  • Developing tools for e-learning software development
  • Setting consortia with other universities and sectors stakeholders
  • Developing courseware from concept to publication – from a pedagogical perspective
  • Developing and deploying various educational content for the national mainstream sector
  • Use of e-learning networks and multimedia techniques
  • Developing an environment comprising tools for research and authoring, as well as tools for Audio recording, audio editing, image capture, and artwork
  • Use of new technologies in e-learning.
  • Establishing an IT infrastructure
  • Provision of total packages of continuing education

In the last three years, the School of forestry led two Lifelong Learning Projects, the MSc Degree on Management of Sustainable and Ecological Tourism (MEST) and the MSc. Programme in Climate Change and Restoration of Degraded Land (RECLAND), both selected for the European commission as “Success Story” / “Good Practice”.

Since September 2016 the School of Forestry of the UPM holds the MSc Degree on Management of Sustainable and Ecological Tourism.

Since 2015 the School of Forestry is member of the Asociación de Ecoturismo en España.